Early Reflections of My Blogging

It has been nearly two weeks since I began this blog and in an attempt to be more reflective and transparent about my transformation into a 21st century leader, I offer the following three early observations.

1.  More than 250 readers from 10 countries have read my posts.  I fully recognize that these numbers are dwarfed by more experienced and well-known blog-vangelists (heard Will Richardson recently refer to himself this way), but something about these numbers strike me.  I recently calculated that I had approximately 55 classroom teachers during the twelve years I spent in public school, 30 professors during my four years at Colby College, and another 20 professors and the University of New Hampshire and Lesley University for my graduate work.  That means that in my “academic” career, I spent countless hours thinking, reflecting and writing for a audience of 105 people, all generally from the New England area.  So, it’s fascinating to me that in two weeks my audience for this blog is more than double that of my academic career, includes people from multiple nationalities and has struck up conversations with not only those who have responded to my blog, but those who I have connected with on Twitter.

2.  The more I write, the more people read.  Sounds obvious, but there is meaning there.  In order for me to converse, I need to participate.  This is something that I was not doing prior to my time at PLP Bootcamp.  I was lurking.  That, I’ve learned, is not good enough.  I need to put my ideas out there.  I need to share my thinking and allow others to be a part of my learning process. I can already see the benefit of being a participant.

3.  I’m amazed with the power of twitter.  It’s an incredibly intoxicating feeling when people retweet, reply, or direct message me.  I am also incredibly grateful for those that have publicized my blog (and thinking) to their network.  It’s great to know that there is an audience “out there” interested in what I have to offer.

So, there you have it, three quick reflections on my early blogging experience.  I’m eager to hear how the experiences of others compare.  Please share.

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2 Responses to Early Reflections of My Blogging

  1. Tristan says:

    I’m brand new to blogging, too. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. hermitsdoor says:

    Your Fresh Press, “Desire Paths”, has caught some attention. I see have a bit of reading to catch up on from your prior posts. I started a blog earlier this year, after reading my cousin’s blogs. I mainly saw this as a way to keep in touch with family, somewhat like writing a dozen letters at once. I have just begun to start looking at other blogs to see what else is out there. I’ll be back, or course, walking backwards through earlier posts.


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