Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach – PLPTristate Presentation on Communities of Practice

Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach presented to the Exeter, NH Cohort of the PLPTristate group today.  Here are my notes from her presentation.

The Human Network (video)

people subscribe to people
this is not about tools
all of us is better than one of us

Putting yourself “out there” is risky

The community of practice helps build thoughts and collective wisdom
Within a community there is a sense of ownership – “collective ownership”

Building a community of practice is important because each member brings their own perspective

Each member brings their own schema to a network – if they do that privately then the community won’t grow

Community – process of social learning that occurs when people who have a common interest in some subject and collaborate over an extended period of time. There is a commitment to grow over time, find solutions, and build innovations.

Network – Individuals reach out to others that share passions and interests.  Very “I” driven.

We live in a participatory culture.  Students produce and consume information.

Redefines “literacy”.  Are we still literate?
What skills do we need to be literate today?

The problem with education is “one size fits all”.  Little personalization for both students and teachers.  Our curriculum is not shifting quick enough to meet the changing needs in education.  What it means to educate today is different than what it meant years ago.

Professional Learning Communities
The driving engine of the collaborative culture of a PLC is the team.  PLC’s are our best hope for reculturing schools.

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