Will Richardson – Presentation to PLPTristate Cohort

Will Richardson presented to the Exeter Cohort of the Tristate PLP today.  Here are my notes of his presentation.

In education today, if you aren’t uncomfortable you are not paying attention.
“Napsterizing” school
Trying to emulate the types of connections that possible today
In the eyes of many, the system is broken
The time is here to look at “new” models – Transform not reform
We need to move away from tinkering

We literally live in a world in which we can learn with/from anybody and that more and more is different than what schools look like.  Are kids learning about entrapeneurship, innovation and adaptability?


11 year old blogger celebrating her grandfather’s life
Makes a difference in the live’s of others

Ryan’s Well

Changing the world because of his passions.

The greatest generator of networkers
Kids need people in their lives to teach them how to do this well and how to do as a learning model.  Do we teach our kids to be socially responsible

Finland has made broadband access a legal right.  Where’s our national agenda for getting kids connected?

This is a new literacy – #iranelections is still very active.  It is a way for people to connect half way around the world

Living Stories – at Google
constantly updates stories online

Twitter Times- you can have your own Twitter newspaper based on what you tweet about.  Relevant stories are brought to you.

Will Ustreamed a short video with his iphone.

Iphone type phone is a game changer
100,000 aps

2010 Horizon Report
Mobile computing
Within one year of being fully mainstream

Abilene Christian University has given away more than 1000 iPhone and iTouches to their freshman students and it is changing education.  the “TIVO-ing” of education.
schools are beginning to create their own aps to tap into the power of iPhones

“PhoneBook” video
iphone slips into book and become interactive
As more kids have iphones, are we still going to be in the computer provider and/or network provider in the business.

You need to be active outside of your place and space and connect.

If we were to assess using NCTE standards– we would teach and learn much differently.

The Definition of 21st Century Literacies
Does our curricula address Literacy in this way?  By and large, Will thinks not.

Flatworld.com – Online textbooks

Sports Illustrated video – future of the magazine in digital form
There is a whole new literacy with online learning – reading and writing in hypertext!
We know that the reading and writing that kids will be doing is different that what we are teaching (hypertext and linking).

“What Matters Know”  Free book by Seth Godin.

Twistory – student tweeting about historical events in first person as if they were there..

How do we “unlearn” how to teach –
Teaching today is a mixture of both- traditional teaching to meet the demands of the computer and learn a new mode of teaching and learning that is required but not assessed.

Learning is much more individualized and interactive, yet we need to by more social in our learning (Howard Gardner).W

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