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Educon 2.2 – End of Day 2

I’m sitting in the back of @bhsprincipal’s car, driving north on I95 thinking about the last 24 hours at Educon.  Like yesterday’s post, what follows are some basic take-aways from that time. I am still struck by Chris Lehmann’s talk … Continue reading

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Educon Day 1

It is a privilege to be an attendant at Educon 2.2 at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia this weekend.  I am half way through day 2 and I feel the need to stop and gently reflect.  So, in no … Continue reading

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Do We Prepare Students for a Competitive or a Collaborative World?

So I tweeted the following about a week ago: “I’m tired of hearing we need to prepare students for a competitive workforce, we need to prepare them for a collaborative one.” Jon Becker immediately replied: Which I thought was brillant, … Continue reading

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Catching up with Old Friends for the First Time

Educon 2.2 is next weekend and I can’t wait.  Not only will I have the opportunity to hear Chris Lehmann, Dean Shareski, Will Richardson, and Michael Horn speak about current, progressive issues in education, but I am going to get … Continue reading

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Rethinking “Educated”

As usual, Will Richardson has me thinkly deeply.  This time about education and what it means to be educated.  In a recent post, Will wrote, “I think the big question for the next decade is this: In 2020, will schools … Continue reading

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