Educon Day 1

It is a privilege to be an attendant at Educon 2.2 at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia this weekend.  I am half way through day 2 and I feel the need to stop and gently reflect.  So, in no particular order and without deep reflection of the holistic meaning of this thing, I offer the following observations and “take aways” from my time here so far:

  • I’m not sure that I have an better understanding of what “smart” means, but…
  • Influential teachers make their kids smarter.
  • On a panel full of PhD’s and decorated scholars, Loren Britcher – CEO of atebits Software and developer of Tweetie Twitter software – and a former student of Chris Lehmann’s made the connection between smart and passion.  I think there is something to that.
  • We need more “renegade” teachers – teachers who are willing to take chances, not be afraid to fail and have courage to challenge traditions, because…
  • compliance doesn’t make you smart.
  • I need to learn how to use Prezi.
  • Schools need to embrace an “open source” culture.
  • Dean Shareski is more insightful in person then virtually and he is incredibly genuine.
  • Eric Conti asks pragmatic questions that challenge my idealism and that is a good thing.
  • There are “rock stars” here, but everyone is part of the conversation.
  • It can be awkward trying to figure out of the person next to you is a connection of yours on Twitter.
  • SLA students make wearing lab coats cool.
  • If I were looking to teach again, I would apply to SLA – but would they hire me?
  • Via Scott Schwister:  “Emerging theme, teacher as sherpa.”
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2 Responses to Educon Day 1

  1. Yes, I think they would! Thanks for sharing your learning experiences, and being a part of my PLN.

  2. I would same the exact same thing about you Tony. Nice to connect.

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