Curriculum Balance

Ewan McIntosh blogs about the problems associated with the “Common Core Standards”.  While I agree with his concern for the Common Core, I find his comments toward the end of more interest:

curricula are there to provide framework and scaffolding. They are not there to do the choice of building materials, the types of brick, the layout of the rooms or the interior designing of our learning.  Politicians abroad, and closer to home in our own education blood bath of impending elections, would do well to remember that.

As a curriculum leader in my district, I struggle with the balance between empowering teachers to use their individual passions to create and deliver curriculum with the need to provide equity across schools and classrooms.

How should curriculum be developed?  How do we balance equity with individualization and personalization?  How do we empower educators to create and deliver progressive curricula in day and age of standardization and accountability?  Should we?

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