The World’s Newest Bloggers

I rarely in my role as a district leader have the opportunity to make in impact in individual student’s lives and so when it happens, well… it just makes my day.

Recently, I had the chance to teach blogging to fourth graders (and some of their parents) at Stratham Memorial School.  One of those students,was my son, who has since began blogging on his own.  Recently, to my delight,  Steve Gagnon and Ashley Page, two teachers at SMS, shared with me that three more students are now blogging as a result of my visit to their classes.

So, I want to invite all of you to visit three of the world’s newest bloggers.  Good luck to Bryn, Anna and “Torman”!

My Dream – By Bryn

Two Ways to Look at it – By Anna

Torman18’s Blog – By “Torman”

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4 Responses to The World’s Newest Bloggers

  1. susan price says:

    I absolutely loved your blog, Bryn!!! You deserve an A+++ for really, really trying. You’ve got what it takes to succeed-perseverance!!!! My daughter, Christina, loves to swim, to do Irish step dancing and to play the flute. Keep up the great work, Bryn. You’re very smart learning how to blog!!!

  2. susan price says:

    I absolutely loved reading your blog, Bryn!! You are a very hard working girl. Your perseverance and determination is to be commended. My daughter, Christina loves to swim, to do Irish step dancing and to play her flute. She was in a drama production when she was in second grade.

  3. David B. Cohen says:

    Great job! Trying to get my high school sophomores more interested in blogging – maybe I’ll show them these models.

  4. Bryn says:

    Mr. Baldasaro,

    Thank you for teaching our class about blogging. I love writing on my blog. Thank you for talking about my blog on your blog. I think that is really cool.


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