Some more work to do….

As many of you know, my son, Ben has been blogging for a couple of weeks now.  Almost daily, he comes to me with a new blog entry looking for my approval, and each time, I read through, help him edit and publish.  I try not to change the content or the voice in an attempt to keep his blog from the mind of a 4th grader, but I do check for spelling and grammar, and sometimes ask him to expand his thoughts further.

Friday morning he proudly announced that he wrote, edited (with the help of spell check) and published his most recent entry all on his own.  Here it is, with my commentary.

I bet not a lot of people know why they made Gatorade.  I know, about 40 (he originally had 14) years ago the Florida Gators were suffering on dehydration. (“on” dehydration?) So scientists made a drink that would give players (here is the best part) electric lights. (Electric lights?  I’ve heard of players being electric, but never actually lit up!) I learned all this from a friend. (Oh, a friend… must be true!  Good thing he didn’t learn about it on the Internet.) Now it is the biggest sports drink. Do you think Gatorade has helped players from places like Florida. (Hey… if they got electric lights, it must help!)

I love him, but we got some more work to do.

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10 Responses to Some more work to do….

  1. There is definitely a charm to his post. Thanks for sharing.

    • tbaldasaro says:


      Yes, he is charming… I noticed that he edited the post this morning. “Electric Light” has been changed to “electro lights”. We’re getting closer. Thanks for continuing to follow and comment.

  2. Taleese says:

    You know, I wouldn’t change a thing! His blog really epitomizes what it is to be a child, the only time in your life when your biggest worry can be how to not suffer on dehydration by turning on your electric lights.
    Plus, I’m sure it’s brightened a lot of days. It brightened mine-and I was still able to receive his whole message.

  3. Kerri says:

    What a sweet entry! I agree with Taleese – the point was still made, but from the true mind and voice of a child. I love that he’s blogging! Hadn’t thought of encouraging the young ones in my life to consider it. Now I shall. See how inspirational his Gatorade post is? 🙂

    • tbaldasaro says:

      Thanks, Kerri. He has been blogging at school within his class Moodle site. It is nice in that he gets to practice, but there is no real authentic audience. Now, he is so excited to have readers from all over the world that he has blogged almost daily. It’s great to see his excitement and I am trying to balance his 4 year old voice with the reality that their is an authentic audience out there reading his posts. Either way, it’s a great way for us to bond.

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  5. Helen Burnham says:

    Loved your comments as much as Ben’s blog post. His suggestions for good blogging are quite perceptive and he has certainly found his “voice.”

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