LESCN Presentation Notes

I don’t particularly care for use PowerPoint when I present.  It’s too linear and too predictable for me.  I typically will use Evernote to create an outline or script, then supplement my talk with websites, pdf’s and various media.  Tomorrow I am giving a talk at the LESCN conference in Meredith, NH (I’m very excited that Wesley Fryer is Keynote!) about Responsible Use Policies and the need to revise many old Acceptable Use Policies – a process which our district has just completed.  Below is the outline to my talk:

The intersection of my three jobs. (Asst. Sup; VLACS; PLP)

Disney quote and Story  https://transleadership.wordpress.com/2009/08/13/desire-paths/

Everyone has a digital footprint, some choose to actively produce theirs, others allow them to be created passively.
We are in the midst of a revolution.
What this means is that the formal institutional structure is no longer needed to classify and/or organize.  In fact, the informal system is more efficient since it is custom built for each user. – But the institution has to give up control and that is where our traditional schools and libraries are struggling to keep up.
The line between professionalism and amateurism is blurry.  It used to be that experts produced, and amateurs consumed, now there is no distinction between producer and consumer – no distinction between reporter and participant
People outside of school understand the connective power of the web.
Business get this
Aggregators  Students no longer have to go find information, the information is coming to them, do they know how to sift through it?
Game Changers – not only our power to form groups, but in our ability to helps kids make connections that in which they are passionate.

Makes you wonder:

  • Are we teaching literacy skills that allow for this type of learning – connected learning.  Reading in hypertext
  • how long we will be in the provider business.

Good things happening:

Through these shifts we put the decision making power back in the hands of educators.
Ultimately, our goal needs to be to allow students to find and create their own Desire Paths and that starts with have an RUP that allows the student the opportunity to seek the path in which they are most passionate.
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