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Guest Post: What Do We Tell Students When They See What’s Behind The Curtain?

Pat Larkin’s children not only go to school with my children, but he was my son’s first basketball coach.  Yet, he and I really did get to know one another until about a year ago when he reached out to … Continue reading

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A New Era of Leadership

When I first came up with the idea of having a guest blogger series, I didn’t fully understand the impact it would have on me.  After all, I was simply the host, the vehicle through which various members of my … Continue reading

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Failure = Truant Success

A couple of weeks ago after a Tuesday night #edchat session, I mildly complained to @mbteach that #edchat wasn’t providing the value that I needed it to.  My concerns revolved around a feeling that I had that #edchat was turning … Continue reading

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Teachers as Leaders

Perhaps no one embodies the spirit of Teacher Leader more than Mary Beth Hertz.  A blogger and technology teacher from Philadelphia, her involvement as a moderator of the award winning #edchat each Tuesday on Twitter and a co-organizer of EdCamp … Continue reading

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Educational Leadership: A Teacher’s Perspective

Jason Bedell is a teacher librarian.  He enjoys helping individual students to navigate successfully through the teenage years and to love reading, finding ways to reach students through innovative teaching methods, usually involving technology, and equipping other teachers to be … Continue reading

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Two More Guest Bloggers

I continue to be humbled by those members of my PLN who are willing to take time out of their already busy schedule to contribute to my guest blog series.  I am pleased to announce Bill Corozza and Jon Becker … Continue reading

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Another Guest Blogger

I am very excited to announce that Mary Beth Hertz will be contributing her thoughts about ed leadership as a contributor to the TransLeadership guest blog series this month. Thanks Mary Beth!

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Tell Me About It!

Gerald Aungst is a school administrator, musician and author.  He is also the lead designer and webmaster for, a website developed to educate students about being intelligent users of the Internet.  Over the past year, I have had the pleasure … Continue reading

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May Guest Blog Series: Ed Leadership in the 21st Century

During the month of April, I reached out to about a dozen members of my PLN and asked them to guest blog on TransLeadership sometime in during the month of May.  Almost all those that I reached out to were … Continue reading

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