What Should My New Job Title Be?

As of July 1st, I will be working full time at The Virtual Learning Academy Charter School and I need your help developing my new job title.  My primary role will be to develop a staff evaluation process, peer coaching program and oversight of student caps and individual teaching assignments.  I will also be working with our Director of Academic Support to develop and oversee teacher development opportunities and the Chief Learning Officer in the year round hiring of new staff to meet the demands of the school’s open enrollment.  And while everyone’s job at VLACS includes a little bit of everything (there is a true team culture there) my job will most likely evolve over time to include all facets of Human Resources in education.  My boss, the Chief Executive Officer has suggested the title of Chief Personnel Officer, but is open to other ideas.  Below are several other titles as well as an opportunity for you to suggest an alternative.  Your feedback is welcome…

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4 Responses to What Should My New Job Title Be?

  1. Pam Carr says:

    I’m just glad you will be full-time…who cares what we call you. 🙂

    I’ll see you this summer!


  2. plarkin says:

    How about the DOE? The Director of On-line Educators or Education. Finally a use for the DOE acronym that will be viewed in a positive light!

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