RSA Animate- Changing Educational Paradigms

After ranting in my last post, I felt compelled to go revisit something that had inspired me in the past.  So, I revisited this talk (with animation from RSA) by Sir Ken Robinson.

I’m not an expert in special education or ADHD, so I don’t profess that it does not exist, nor do I argue that there are not real disabilities that make learning challenging for some people. However, I find Sir Ken’s remarks about the rise in diagnosis of ADHD along with the increase in standardization of schooling quite compelling. I’ve believed for some time that we all to often make today’s kids fit into a system that no longer works instead of fixing a system that works for today’s kids.

Regardless, you can’t listen to Sir Ken (and follow along with the incredibly creative animation by RSA) without being inspired to do more.

His entire talk can be found here.

You can find more RSA animated talks here.

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2 Responses to RSA Animate- Changing Educational Paradigms

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  2. Joanne Huebner says:

    I got the link to your blog from my friend Eric Conti’s tweet. I love your thoughts, your links, your posts because they are music to my ears. I am currently in a Masters in Adult Learning program with a brand new concentration of teaching and learning through the affordances of the web, thus my new-found propensity for blogging, tweeting, and finding tasty treats for delicious. It is interesting to me that this is a separate area of concentration, not a required course of study for those seeking a career in education – at any level. The process of building and sustaining a PLN is crucial today, yet very out of the comfort zone for most educators. We like a closed classroom where we don’t have to think and are not judged. I was interested, and have to say a bit alarmed by your comment about your PLN becoming like middle school. While I was glad to see Facebook now providing the ability to group ‘friends,’ I can see the unintended consequences in your remarks.

    I’ll be adding your blog to my feeds and sharing it with others. Keep up the great thinking – and help me to learn what can be done to affect change!

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