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The Only High Stakes Test

My two older children, Ben (grade 5) and Elisabeth (grade 4), start NECAP (New England Comprehensive Assessment Program) testing today.  My youngest daughter, Emma, is too young to be tortured by them. But, Ben and Elisabeth join all 3-8 and … Continue reading

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Boston 140 Conference – No Longer Going to Accept the Status Quo

I had the distinct pleasure to lend my voice to the #140 Character Conference in Boston today.  I sat on a panel with my very good friend Patrick Larkin, and my newest friend, Kirsten Olson.  Our panel discussion was entitled, … Continue reading

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Am I Really Obese?

This morning I ran more than seven miles at a mid nine minute pace. I workout 4-5 days a week for 75-90 minutes of combined weight training and cardiovascular exercise. My blood pressure is a bit high, but my cholesterol … Continue reading

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Teacher Assignments – The Worst Day of the Summer

Yesterday was one of those days that I dread as a parent.  It was the day my children received their final report card for the 09-10 school year, which included the name of their respective teachers for the 2011-2012 school … Continue reading

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And on the Next Day…

Yesterday I blogged about Ben’s recent post about Gatorade and how it gave University of Florida players “electric lights”.  Some of you commented on the post, others tweeted me, mostly in defense of Ben and the “charm” of a 4th … Continue reading

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Some more work to do….

As many of you know, my son, Ben has been blogging for a couple of weeks now.  Almost daily, he comes to me with a new blog entry looking for my approval, and each time, I read through, help him … Continue reading

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The World’s Newest Bloggers

I rarely in my role as a district leader have the opportunity to make in impact in individual student’s lives and so when it happens, well… it just makes my day. Recently, I had the chance to teach blogging to … Continue reading

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Needed: New AUP

Recently my son, Ben participated in World Maths Day.  Over the two and a half days the event was open, Ben worked hard to answer as many questions as he could using my iPhone.  After the dust settled, he had … Continue reading

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Is it Ever Okay to Have a Bad Teacher?

I attended a local committee meeting this evening where it was suggested that it might be okay for kids to have bad teachers so they learn to “live with it”, that in “real life” (whatever that means) they are going … Continue reading

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No honey, Webkinz is not in my computer…

So I spent this past weekend on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire’s lake’s region.  I brought my computer to edit some writing that I have been doing offline, but there was no internet there.  To further complicate my life, cell … Continue reading

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